8 Luxury Townhouses

8 Luxury Townhouses

Hang Lekir Residences Jakarta


Originally a single bungalow plot in the exclusive district of Hang Lekir in Jakarta, the brief called for the land to be apportioned into smaller strata units for townhouse developments. We thought of this project as a small community of 8 villas, each with its individual car parks, staircases and dwelling spaces, all sharing a common driveway and parking garage.

Due to the modest size of the project for 8 residences, we understood the tenuous bond between exclusivity and inclusivity. The challenge was to then find a balance between living close together yet far away from earshot.

A communal garden linking the houses becomes the public spine for the community to meet and mingle. The inward facing buildings that open into the shared garden promote a sense of proximity between neighbours, while water features and greenery safeguard each unit's privacy. 

Each house is designed with a private pool surrounding the foyer, living and dining spaces. These features are reminiscent of Balinese courtyard houses that provide the residents their sense of belonging. The open plan living and dining areas pan out generously to the outdoors, yet are discreetly screened from the neighbours by staggered entrance gates and shrubbery.

The reassuring feeling of an urban village in modern Jakarta is achieved through the extensive use of wood screens, trees and plants that reveal yet masks the residents from one another. This might seem like a paradox, but we believe it cultivates a closer community that seeks refuge from the bustle of life in the capital city of Jakarta.