8 Luxury Townhouses

8 Luxury Townhouses

Hang Lekir Residences Jakarta

Interior Design

This project's interior design is targeted at the young cosmopolitan professional. The modernist European influences are most apparent in the living room decor. Smooth curves, such as in the graceful arch of the hanging lamp, or in the gentle undulations of the sofa, are coupled with bright red and white, to create a quietly dramatic tension and energy in the living area. 


This tension is brought into sharp contrast with the easy atmosphere of the kitchen and dining area. A wood-panelled wall provides the entire area with a familiar grounding, while the recessed ceiling alcove, which corresponds exactly with the carpeted dining area below, creates the effect of an intangible, invisible wall surrounding the dining table, transforming it into a snug dining area paradoxically situated within an open plan. 


The bathroom is similarly outfitted, with modern elements, such as the sleek metal plumbing and the extruded sinks, predominating. Traditional elements do however make an appearance, such as in the wooden slats of the shower area. A relaxed, indirect lighting scheme is achieved through the installation of lights behind the mirrors and inside the recessed ceiling alcoves.