The Artling Pavilion Competition

The Artling Pavilion Competition

@ the lawn, Marina Bay Financial Centre (in collaboration with IDM Architects)

Architecture & Interior


The word pavilion, translated from the old French word pavillon, refers to a decorated tent derived the Latin word papilo, meaning “butterfly ortent”. This design proposal for a temporary structure, which we named TANGRAM VOYAGER, can be reconfigured just like the traditional Tangram games puzzle. Each component of the puzzle can alternate and rotate to create multiple connections. Each component is a vessel that travels and transforms to the new destination, like a shape-shifting spacecraft, as required by the competition brief.

Unlike other ordinary pavilions, TANGRAM VOYAGER is perceived as a series of contemporary spaces in various configurations, in either symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions, to suit the hosting site. Our pavilion is a combination of Art and Architecture. It is a gallery where art is the main actor while artists are presented with a travelling platform to showcase their work to the public.

The various configurations can be achieved due to the light-weight structural elements as well as the other materials composing the overall façade, roof and interiors. The structure, materials and components are all reusable and economical without compromising on quality or elegance of design.

All elements can be assembled, dissembled and reassembled due to the direct response to 5 key considerations:

·Movable lightweight structure

·Fibrous cement wall & floor panel system, and fire retardant canvas roof system

·Assembling and dissembling fast track clip-on system for façade elements

·Components can be reused and recycled

·Low maintenance

The Entry to the TANGRAM VOYAGER is an immersive experience into the art world where a voluminous high ceiling space address the visitors. This journey then takes them into the internal courtyard where guests and artists can interact openly, enjoying a drink, sitting or climbing up a few steps for a stunning view of Marina Bay.

The champagne bar behind the courtyard is positioned to balance the main exhibition halls and VIP Room. It is centrally placed to be an integral part of the entrance or foyer. The entrance to the VIP room is screened by a curtain adding to privacy for its guests.

The VIP Room is an exclusive and intimate space for 30 private dining guests, adorned by a glass sculpture that casts scattered rays of light from discrete openings above the dining table. The walls wrapping the VIP room frame the gallery space with the private collectors’ artworks.

One of the main exhibition rooms can be converted into the auction room as the walls are made of a series of pivoted panelling doors that open or close when required.