Benoi Bus Interchange Retail Mall

Benoi Bus Interchange Retail Mall

Jurong, Singapore

Interior Design

Fairprice@Benoi Bus Interchange is a unique development in the Jurong West area, breathing a much-needed raw energy and community into an otherwise grey industrial estate. Also the high ceiling space of a new bus interchange stand in stark contrast with the low ceiling of a conventional shopping mall. We decided to exploit this volume and enclosure as the signature overtone of a suburban mall.

The first floor provides for an exuberant and varied dining experience similiar to congregating within a townhall or marketplace. An energetic and vibrant atmosphere is created along one section of the mall through the use of high-contrast red panels extruded from the ceiling, which are in turn celebrated by an eclectic pink-red lighting scheme. In contrast, an adjoining section is warm, relaxing and inviting. Wooden panels that resemble passing clouds are suspended on the ceiling. A warm lighting scheme is adopted to complement the browns and pastel yellows of the ceiling, and to slow down the pace of the frenetic commuters.

The second floor of the interchange mall affords a unique retail environment that recall the backlanes and alleys of a shopping street. In one section, we created brick-like floors, yellow ceiling panels and discrete lighting. In another section, we adorned the corridors in red and orange hues to instil an intense and charged mood of walking into a back alley bar.