Hort Park Visitor Centre

Hort Park Visitor Centre

Pasir Panjang, Singapore


A competition winner commissioned by The National Parks Board, the Visitor Centre @Hort Park is the first of its kind in Asia - an integrated gardening lifestyle hub that brings horticultural and recreational activities under a hanger-like roof. The building was one of the winners of the International Architecture Award for Best New Global Design, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Award and one of 11 finalists for Urban Land Institute's Awards for Excellence. This architectural design was completed under the auspices of MKPL Architects and I was the lead designer of this building.


Located within the 23 hectare southern parkland of Singapore, the centre is a resting point that allows visitors to pause enroute to the surrounding park connectors. As a rest stop, the visitor centre was designed to augment its surrounding environment. An open concept plan was adopted, along with a wooden slatted skylit roof, so that natural lighting and ventilation would permeate through the spaces.


The angular form and bold lines of the black painted structure, in contrast with the surrounding organic forms and materials, allows this voluminous structure to stand out against the backdrop of lush greenery beyond.


Images courtesy of MKPL Architects