Jin An Condo

Jin An Condo

Shanghai China


This entry was the first runner-up of an intense competition design held in 2004 for a Shanghai state-owned developer. Located in the cosmopolitan Jin An district, the 7 tower condominium blends the distinction of apartment living for the modern urbanite with a heightened awareness of individuality within a vast highrise community.

We created the Jin An Condominium as an iconic city landmark affording panoramic views of the Wang Pu River where the classic meets the modern. The juxtaposition of historic and contemporary buildings symbolise a dialogue between old and new – an appropriate topic for China that was rapidly evolving.

Comprising a series of single-storey and duplex apartments with varying heights, each unit is imagined as a loft with double volume living spaces and balconies that stagger vertically into a patterned network of Chinese screens. Through the well-proportioned placement of balconies, solid walls, screens and tinted glass, the composition presents each building as a unique contribution to the collective whole.