Simprug Suites - 11 luxury townhouses

Simprug Suites - 11 luxury townhouses

Jakarta Indonesia


The brief for this development presented a unique challenge. A narrow elongated parcel of land previously occupied by two bungalows had to be maximized for as many as 11 townhouses. Our question was: How do we design and unify these new houses in a site that was shaped like a wedge? 


In approaching this challenge, our key consideration was to create as much private liveable space as possible within each house, and to do this without sacrificing the identity of the community as a whole. Our solution was to lift the houses above the ground and reimagine them as vertical loft-like units, thereby freeing them from the horizontal constraints of conventional terrace houses. 


Within each house, we blurred the division between the indoor space and the outdoor landscape. Each house has both front and back courtyards that serve as extensions of the living spaces. We imagined openings and walls that widen possibilities for indoor-outdoor parties. The large glass windows on each floor provide for natural lighting and also reinforce the impression of spaciousness extending out to the courtyards. 


The vertical green walls that adorn the private pools enliven the private oasis of calm within the living spaces, helping to imbue the entire development with a sense of serenity.