Temasek Officers Clubhouse

Temasek Officers Clubhouse

Rifle Range Road, Singapore


Inspired by natural bedrock and man-made padi fields, the architecture of the Temasek Clubhouse is a meandering formation grounded into the earth yet gently swept across the land.

The project brief required us to place  a large building, with all the appropriate facilities of a clubhouse, on a steep forested site.  Due to the site's location, the architecture we have devised is a fusion between a tropical resort and a soaring institution, to both fit into and stand out from the surrounding forest.  We sought to create an icon that is at once contemporary yet rustic, meandering yet linear, irregular yet ordered.

Our primary concern was to conserve as much of the forest as the challenging brief would allow for. In order not to cut too deeply into the site, we decided that this building should not have straight lines unless necessary. We also studied the design carefully to decide how we should balance the twin demands of responding sensitively to the site yet fulfilling the complex structural requirements of the brief.

The landscaping of the project blends in seamlessly with the natural vegetation. In response  to the sweeping profile of the building, we created an infinity pool that surrounds the entire perimeter edge of the second floor that eventually cascades down as waterfall to animate the open space. The high and undulating white roof structure is evocative of cumulus clouds in the tropical climate.

Taken holistically, the project unites the themes of land, sea and air to create a building suited to the military beginnings of the clubhouse.