Vimalas Resort

Vimalas Resort

Gadog Indonesia


The Vimalas Resort was conceived as a respite for urban dwellers of Jakarta. It was intended to be a lushly landscaped retreat that reflected the natural beauty of a hilly site in Gadog, Indonesia. 


In fulfilling the brief to build retirement homes, resort and vacation houses in cool and wet environment, we decided to be as naturalistic as the site proffered. We made the conscious effort to blend the entire masterplan into the hilly terrain, and to provide each room with an unobstructed view of the breath-taking mountainous scenery. The buildings were laid out along the cascading slopes, similar to padi fields, that slowly rise up to meet the main resort hotel at the top of the hill. Thatched roofs and tropical hardwood were chosen to complement the native plants and rivers to recreate the environs of rural living that is at the same time, imbued with modern comforts. 


The entrance to the project features a unique umbrella-like structure that juxtaposes the natural and man-made into an architectural statement. While the sculpture is made of hexagon, it is covered in greenery to resemble trees in the rainforest. The driveway is lined with water features and illuminated with blue light to create a calming and anticipative journey into the resort.