Who We Are

Winstudio is an interior design and architecture firm based in Singapore, supported by a core team that comprises designers, senior managers and technical staff. As a multidisciplinary design firm, we offer integrated solutions encompassing interior design, architecture and planning.

Since its founding in 2009, the firm has created projects around the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Past and current projects include home and commercial interiors, as well as a wide ranging portfolio of architectural projects that span from commercial, residential, mixed-use to hospitality buildings.

What We Do


Since its founding in 2009, Winstudio has specialised in home design. Our first project, inspired by a simple sketch, was the transformation of a 3-bedroom apartment into a 2-room bachelor pad. We recognise that “space” remains a premium in cities. So we seek to create free flowing space as much as possible while providing enclosures for the inhabitants.
Privacy and openness – two opposing factors of urban living – is the enduring principle of our firm to combine harmony with versatility in design, which guide us to create transformation in home interiors


Besides residential design, Winstudio has also completed commercial interiors by using our architectural expertise to achieve distinctive results. Similar to how architects plan their projects, our interior projects focused on the needs of our clients, their consultants and their customers through conversations and active listening.
This completed audio-visual showroom was the outcome of integrating the aspirations of the client with our own, while at the same time, also demonstrated our commitment to innovate using a distinctive design language to showcase their products.
atlas sound and vision showroom


Through a focus on residential design, we constantly challenge ourselves to create new housing forms by working directly with homeowners and using our experience from the past to adapt to the conditions of the present.
This community of terrace houses, which appears to be stand-alone ‘bungalows’, is one such example of collaborating with a client who was keen to experiment with new housing ideas. Here indoor vs outdoor space, privacy vs openness and opacity vs transparency are carefully considered to achieve the aspiration of both the client and our Winstudio design team.
landed house jakarta

Our Works


interior design for small condo
interior design for hdb

Showcase Project

We have completed an interior design project as a case study of how to convert older apartments into 2 separate units – one for the homeowner and the other for their family member or tenant. By taking up the challenges posed by this client, we have created a new possibility for single persons or elderly retirees to fully realise the potential of their homes.

Transform 1 home into 2