Lights! Camera! Illumination!

Lighting is an essential ingredient when you’re designing a room and not just an afterthought. Since many of us are working from home, you want the right lighting to energize rather than tire your eyes. Giving your room the right amount of lighting will transform your space and could even create dramatic light and shadow […]

Add Colours While You Work From Home

Colour has a profound influence on an object, interior spaces and people. It is often the most challenging part of a room to get right. People are usually afraid to use strong colours and would opt for safer white or muted tones. Yet the natural world is full of exciting and energizing colours. With so […]

How an Interior Designer can Enhance the Value of Your Home

Many Singaporeans understand that a home is a valuable asset and that a well-designed home interior can be a great boost during a potential sale. Even though some new buyers may prefer to redesign the entire house to their own style, a home that is ready to move-in has a strong appeal as it cuts […]

10 steps to building your dream home

Are you looking to start a home renovation project to create your dream home? Renovating your home can be a real challenge for many homeowners. It is a project unique to your needs so the outcome should meet your needs. We understand that the most difficult part of any interior design is figuring out where […]

How to define your renovation budget?

Renovating your home can be a big, costly endeavour to handle. Undertaking one when you have no prior experience is even more challenging and stressful. When it comes to costs for home renovations, preparing a realistic budget will keep you sane and prevent you from seeing your dollar bills fly off. We have created this […]

Working with an interior designer during the pandemic?

Are you looking to redesign your home despite the Covid-19 pandemic? Here are some simple advice and tips provided by our architect Winston Lim and interior designer Joshua to get you started. If you want to makeover your home, but remain concerned about meeting in person during the pandemic, you’ll be pleased to hear that […]