atlas sound and vision showroom

Opening of Atlas Sound and Vision

The buzz: Singapore’s own Atlas Sound & Vision sets a high bar, with this multi label tech mecca, the only one of its kind here.

The vibe: Even with high expectations, you’ll likely be blown away by the sheer opulence. It’s (oddly enough) modeled after the dance floor of a club, but looks and feels more like an executive condo showflat. While you’re there, check into their pod-like mezzanine level, which displays stunning prototype designs—it’s a bit like looking into the future.

The goods: Slip into one of their Pitagora theater armchairs from Poltrona Frau and see (or hear) where your ears take you—most likely to one of their Loewe or Bose sound systems, which can easily set you back as much as $46,000. They also showcase products from Ad Notam and their in-house brand Noo’ance.

Why you should come here: For their full customer needs analysis; a kind of four-hand massage for the techy part of your brain. And the variety of brands is a real plus—even though most of the Loewe and Bose products are available at the individual boutiques (also owned by Atlas), it does help seeing them hooked up together.